Frequently Asked Questions


 How do you choose your books?

Gizelle chooses books that she either really loved or really hated, but mainly books that have a lot of themes that can be discussed. Sometimes, a book club member will request a book and offer to moderate our discussion. We do not get paid to choose particular books.

Can I have my book featured?

Possibly. But because we don’t take unsolicited book requests, your request to have your book featured as our monthly choice will go ignored. However, if you send us a copy of your book and we love it, we might choose it as our monthly pick.

Can I write a review?

Absolutely. Submit your book reviews to us via Submittable. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines listed on the page will be ignored.

How do you get so many arcs?

I email publishers and ask for them.

Can we partner on a project i’m planning?

Absolutely! Email us at and give us some details!

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